Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Reflective Safety Vests Worn By Workers On Many Jobs

In recent years we've all become familiar with the bright, reflective yellow or orange clothing worn by road construction workers. The reflective safety vests, jackets and other reflective clothing worn by these workers helps prevent injuries and saves lives by increasing their visibility. However, in addition to road construction workers, workers in many other jobs also wear hi vis vestshi vis T-shirts and other reflective clothing to increase their safety on the job. 

Reflective Safety
On a recent road trip, lasting about an hour, the following workers, wearing reflective clothing were observed: truck drivers, sanitation workers, surveyors, landscapers, tree trimmers, rescue workers, utility workers,.. and the list goes on. Reflective safety clothing increases worker visibility to moving traffic and thus increases their level of safety. 
Reflective Safety

It's estimated that approximately 50% of all workers killed on the job, are killed by being struck by a passing motorist or a piece of moving construction equipment. Anyone who works in close proximity to moving traffic or equipment faces the same risk of injury or even death, faced by road construction workers. And the risk increases during rainy weather or darkness. To increase safety in rainy conditions, workers should wear high visibility rain gear


  1. For safety purposes, high visibility Safety vest and Reflective tape are going to make you far more visible.