Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Preventing Worker Injury and Deaths from Traffic Accidents

The statistics are starting. It is estimated that, nationally,  over 1000 highway workers lose their lives annually as a result of work zone accidents caused by negligent drivers. Construction flagmen, crossing guards in school zones and at the beach, and emergency responders — who stand near or in traffic to protect others and build our roads - are at constant risk of death or injury.  

Workers who work near moving traffic are at high risk of injury and death from traffic related motor vehicle accidents. 

One way to reduce the risk of death or injury is for workers to be more visible to oncoming traffic by wearing a reflective safety vest or other high visibility clothing.   High visibility clothing includes reflective T-shirts, sweatshirts and winter coats and raincoats, as well as safety vests.  Safety vests can be worn all year round, and are available as an "expandable vest,"  that can be worn over top of a coat, for example, and then adjusted to a smaller size when needed.


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